Aluminium-Based Material Foil

The thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity of the aluminum substrate is better than that of the general metal substrate, the heat dissipation PCB with the aluminum substrate as the substrate material of the printed circuit board can have better thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance. It can also strengthen LED products and solve customers. Worried about heat dissipation.

Features of aluminum substrate (NRK aluminum substrate, DENKA aluminum substrate)

1. Surface mount technology (SMT: Surface Mount Technology) can be used.
2. The problem of heat dissipation can be effectively improved in the design and manufacture of LED light boards.
3. It can reduce the operating temperature of LED light board products quickly, improve the operating efficiency of LED light board products and extend the
service life of LED light board products.
4. Reduce the volume of LED products, reduce the additional equipment required for LED products and the assembly cost of LED light board products.
5. Related surface treatment and polishing treatment can be carried out to increase the reflection effect of LED light board products.
6. It can replace fragile ceramic substrates and obtain better mechanical durability.
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