mct's goalmct is the total solution in order to respond to globalization, liberalization and the development of knowledge. Innovation and reformation are mct's corporation culture. Quality, integrity, service and speed are mct's core values to serve clients? problems from product, manufacture or purchase.
雙向、互助的合作伙伴 從各流程提供SOLUTION的顧問式服務
mct 亦是一間致力於提高客戶競爭力的 服務導向(service oriented)公司 ,以雙贏甚至是創造多贏策略,與客戶共同開創市場並強化核心優勢價值之重點思維,促進台灣產業突破自身轉型與升級瓶頸,與客戶 一起面對挑戰,從創新與改革出發~共同開創市場。

Business  Partner

Radiant Opto-Electronic Corp. and Injextech Inc. are light guide plate manufacturers
• Light guide plate with surface structure and it need to be fully covered to maintain cleanliness. The requirement for manufacturer light guide plate, sanitation requirements are more significant than back light module (low tolerance for fisheye/dirt and luminous points are often easily identified.)
• Using mct protective films, defect rate is reduced from 7~12% to 3~5%.

Positive affirmation from Wintek Corp. • mct301ad solves the problem of the white powdery adhesive residue of acrylic protective films and improve yield.
Positive affirmation from ASUS • mct301ad solves the problem of the white powder issue from other suppliers and improve yield.

Company  History

• 2004  More-change Technology CO., LTD. was established. 
• 2005  We introduced new leading edge technology of Electro Luminescent.
• 2006  Began developing semiconductor materials and started MP.
• 2007  We developed and promoted the electronics tape for optical application and high quality              protective film in the TFT industry.
• 2008  Developed diffuser and conduct various environmental tests.
• 2009  Developed unique and practical  materials of Optical Clear Adhesive for touch screens.
• 2011  Developed successfully the AR film and Acrylic protective film with anti-white powder,              and promoted mass production in TP.
• 2013  Developed successfully PU that anti-released hard for pull tap varnish, and promoted                mass production in TP.
• 2015  Got a patent for multilayer film structure and apply for film sensor process in MP.
• 2016  Cathode foil join the operation and expand the group.
• 2017  Developed successfully three-layer protective film and apply for iPad project in MP.
• 2018  Started the cooperation with the other brands to develop CPI.
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